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Environmental Services

Biantco Environmental Services Inc (BESI) offers the following industrial, commercial and agricultural services from initial site assessment review and planning through to final compilation of treatment data and presentation of project report. Regular client reporting ensures that the client is up to date on all aspects of the project from start to finish.

 Environmental Drilling and

Geotechnical Drilling

With the newest addition to our fleet, we would like to introduce our Terra-Probe 3000s Drilling rig. With a 9 meter mast, this powerful rig is capable of pulling and pushing 7 meters of auger stem in one stroke. Situated on a tandem axle and fixed with an automatic SPT hammer, along with two 5500 lb winches, this rig is truly one of a kind. Designed and built with “out of the box” thinking, we believe this rig is the safest and fastest environmental drilling rig in North America. With all of our rigs, we offer:

Bore hole logging
Soil profile assessments
Monitoring well installations
Solid and hollow stem capabilities
Ground water monitoring & sampling
Core sampling
Split-spoon (Geotech/SPT) sampling

Insitu Treatment

Soil Treatment

Facility Construction

Whether it’s a one-time use or a permanent facility, BESI can construct and manage the storage and treatment of contaminated soils with the aid of bio-engineered amendments.

Excavating and Segregating                  Contaminated

    Soil Containing  Hydrocarbons

With experienced and well-trained personnel, BESI offers all the necessary equipment to identify and transport most contaminants efficiently and professionally.

Drill Cuttings & Groundwater Disposal

Our crews can pick up & dispose of any drill cuttings contained in barrels or tote bags, as well as, contaminated groundwater contained in barrels. 

Design, Build & Installation of Insitu Vapour Extraction Systems 

BESI has extensive experience in vapour extraction systems. Whether passive or powered, we can help our clients achieve the results that exceed the latest environmental standard.  

Soil Remediation 

and Allu Treatment

BESI is capable of delivering a variety of solutions to our clients in regards to treatment of contaminated soils. We have worked extensively in both fine & course grained soils, in regards soils containing hydrocarbons (SCH). We provide solutions for SCH from the construction of on-site treatment cells & allu treatment to off-site transportation of all contaminated materials.  BESI also specializes in biological insitu remediation, as well as, chemical injections.

Certified UST and

AST Decommissioning

BESI has decommissioned hundreds of under and above ground storage facilities. These have included gasoline, diesel, aviation fuel and various chemicals. We pride ourselves on the fact that our staff is capable and safe, delivering to our clients the very best possible scenarios for a successful decommissioning. We will monitor explosive vapour levels, remove residual fuels and sludge, inert, transport the tanks & remove the buried infrastructure.

Demolitions and

Asset Recovery

BESI has managed many demolition and decommissioning sites over the years. We offer a wide variety of options to our clients based on their needs and budgets, yet we always maintain optimum mitigation requirements. We do not believe in clogging landfills with recoverable metals and materials, and will cooperate with our clients to maximize profits from recyclable materials and minimize costs to the owner. It is our goal to assist clients through all the regulatory processes, environmental concerns and planning demolitions to ensure a safe and hassle free project.