Our Safety Policy

Biantco Environmental Services Inc has adopted a Health & Safety policy aimed at, and committed to, the protection of all our resources, whether human or physical assets.

Our management
is therefore committed through integrity to provide the leadership and reflect the procedures and protocols of our safety program. We therefore encourage all who enter our sphere of influence to respect these policies and with the help of all involved in our community, we can and will achieve a wholesome, safe and caring work environment.

Our supervisors and crew, at all levels, 
are committed to implementing all necessary and mandatory protocols and regulations. We are committed to a injury-free work environment.

Our staff and contractors
must familiarize themselves with all aspects of their work areas and procedures and will comply with all aspects of safe work practices conducive to an injury and damage-free environment.

It is therefore by our company’s team effort that we encourage all to participate in our company program. We believe we are mutually responsible for one another’s safety and safe work practices. Our objective is to work safely with all equipment and to be knowledgeable in all aspects of our work. We will perform our duties in a manner with integrity to preserve equipment and people from harm and destruction.

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